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Fishing boat on the beach

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Up, over and away

Fishermen launching boat from beach

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Another boiling point

Boiling kettle on gas hob

I once again revisited a composition I initial did in 2005 and repeated in 2010. No new toys this time round, unless you count the new kettle :-)

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The smoky city by the lagoon

Waterfront at Makoko

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Power over water

Power cables running over lagoon

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The dog runs through the stream

Labrador in waterIt is a cold day, but it doesn’t stop this dog from running through the stream in the park. She loves it and does it all the time apparently.

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DaisiesDaises near a harbour in Wales, UK.

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Playing with water

Playing with waterWith the help of my enthusiastic hand model, Lavender, I tried out some experimental photos with water.

Here is one of the pictures I took.

And the weather? It is now freezing and I just heard the weatherman say that there is snow on the way!

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